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My Landscape


Walter Bachinski and Janis Butler are pleased to announce the publication of MY LANDSCAPE, our 11th book, in early spring 2022. The text consists of 14 poems by renowned Canadian poets reflecting their interest in nature and the landscape. We have a strong affinity for both the poems and poets chosen. The selection ranges from earlier poets, such as Bliss Carmen and Pauline Johnson, to poems which we consider more recent, including Daryl Hind, Margaret Atwood and Roo Borson.

For three decades Janis and I have been drawing and painting in the area in northern Ontario which starts in Killarney Provincial Park, moves westward along the La Cloche Mountains and the north shore of Lake Huron to the Algoma highlands. I am attracted to this part of Ontario because of the unique quality of the light as it illuminates the white quartzite and reddish granite of the La Cloche Mountains. It affects me in a visceral way, similar to the light in the south of France that I experienced many years ago. The images in this book are based on this research and reflect my enjoyment in connecting to the natural world. The brilliant intensity of the northern light combined with working on site, being affected by the weather and wind, has influenced emotionally my sense of form. The result of all this research are the images in this book.

In total there are seven pochoirs, two of which form a diptych, seven colour reduction linocuts, including the title page and colophon images, and five woodcuts. The book has 68 pages including blanks. The page size is 11 by 11 inches or 279 by 279 mm. The type is handset 16 point Bembo, printed on 175 gsm BFK Rives. The woodcuts are printed on Kuratoni 5. The book was jointly conceived by Butler and Bachinski. The pochoirs were made and printed by Bachinski. The colour reduction linocuts and woodcuts were made by Bachinski and printed by Butler with Bachinski assisting. The printing of the text was by Butler with Bachinski assisting. All printing was done on a Vandercook Universal 1. The book is bound in cloth and housed in a slipcase. Butler is the binder.

We have printed 30 copies, of which 25 are for sale.

The price is $3,000.00 USD.

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Looking North, Charlton Lake, (pochoir)


Dyptych, Looking North LaCloche Mountains, (pochoir) Looking North, Charlton Lake, (pochoir) Red Pines, White Rock, LaCloche Mountains, (pochoir)

Red Rocks on the Benjamins, (pochoir)
The Benjamins, (pochoir) The Painting Place, McGregor Bay (pochoir)

Colour Reduction Linocuts

Colophon, the North Channel, (linocut)
Happy Interior, North Benjamin Island, (linocut) Interior, South Benjamin Island, (linocut)

LaCloche Mountains, Autumn (linocut) Sailing the North Channel, (linocut) Title Page MY LANDSCAPE (linocut)


Charlton Lake, (woodcut) Crows, The Benjamins (woodcut) Frood Lake, (woodcut)

Looking East to Brewerton Island, (woodcut)